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DJeco Card Game Piratatak

DJeco Card Game Piratatak Strategy Game 2–4 Players Playing Time 15 Min Age: 5+
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Article number: DJ05113

An adventure and strategy game!

Whether adventurous or careful, each player gets to use their own strategy to construct their boat in their own colour before the pirates attack it! Helps develop strategic thinking, self-discipline and concentration skills.

It's easy to learn and the skill set required is low. Fits that age gap when they're getting a bit old for Go Fish but are too young for more complex strategic games.

Like all Djeco card games, we love that the cards are durable, slightly larger than normal and come with a very convenient storage box.  

TIP: Makes a great game to take to a restaurant, in the car or camping!

The objective of the game is to construct your own ship before pirates arrive and attack you!

The basic mechanic is to draw cards to found gold (for buy ship cards to your opponents), ship cards (for construct your own ship),cannons (for attack pirates if they appear) but if you draw a pirate card you lose 3 cards! You may know when to stop.

Components 55 cards (9 cards are pirates)

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