Periodic Table Magnet Set

Periodic Table Fridge Magnets
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Article number: HJ5000
  • Nourish your mind every time you grab a bite from the fridge
  • Make the facts stick
  • Mix up the elements any which way you want
  • Accurate & complete periodic table
  • Forms over 10,000 words
  • Funky, functional fridge décor that can be applied to any metallic surface

Did you suck at chemistry in high school?  Are you one of those people who still has a hard time recalling the difference between an atom, a compound and an ion?  Don’t worry.  It’s not really a big deal unless you happen to be a chemistry kook. The subject isn’t exactly a hot topic.

Oddly enough, it should be for anyone who cooks!  After all, cooking is a series of chemical reactions. That’s why Periodic Table Fridge Magnets make such great food for thought and décor for your refrigerator.

With these fun, colorful bite-size educational magnets, you get to break chemistry down to its elements and learn bit by bite.  Or even mix up the elements and reconstruct them from memory. It’s a great way to gnaw on knowledge while noshing on a drumstick; to catch up on chemistry when you reach for the ketchup.

Periodic Table Fridge Magnets are the “smart” solution for applying your knowledge – to the fridge!  Stick them on your icebox to keep your gray matter going while reading the grocery lists underneath them to remind yourself that you need milk or eggs.

Whether used as a learning aid or as a clever way to cover those bald patches on the fridge, these little gems are must-haves, and make a great gift for anyone with a fridge, a child, or a genuine interest in tasteful kitchen décor.

So never stop learning – even when you’re eating! And don’t expose your ignorance; expose yourself to the elements of the periodic table!

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