Staff Game Pick Blog

Staff Game Pick Blog

Today Ashley has picked the game Hive for our game blog. Ashley is from our Muskoka stores and works in all 3 locations. She is the mother an 8 year old daughter and has worked for us for 4 years. Here is what she has to say about Hive. "Hive is super tactile- nice heavy pieces. It is a super strategic 1 on 1 game with different insect varieties. Each kind has a different "move". The goal is to build your hive while blocking your opponent from completing theirs." Ashley and her husband enjoy playing this game together.

Here is a little more info on Hive:

The Game

Hive is an award winning board game with a difference. There is no board. The pieces are added to the playing area thus creating the board. As more and more pieces are added the game becomes a fight to see who can be the first to capture the opposing Queen Bee.

The soldier ants battle to keep control of the outside of the hive, whilst the Beetles climb up to dominate the top. Spiders moving into holding positions as the Grass Hoppers jump in for the kill. Keeping one eye on the hive and the other on your opponents reserves, the tension builds as one wrong move will see your Queen Bee quickly engulfed; .... game over!

Inside The Box 

Parts in the box:
24 parts in total
22 Tactile Game Pieces
(3 white & black ants [6])
(2 white & black spiders [4])
(2 white & black beetles [4])
(3 white & black grasshoppers [6])
(1 white & black queen bee [2])
Travel Bag
Illustrated Rules Leaflet
Not suitable for children 
under 3 years old
Box dimensions:
W=213, H=213, D=50 [mm]
Object of Game:
Each player has one Queen Bee piece.  Surround your opponents Queen Bee with either yours or your opponents colored pieces. The first person to surround your opponents Queen Bee wins. It's as simple as that, .... but is it?

Takes a few minutes to learn and a lifetime 

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