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Discovery Kids Maze Globe

DISCOVERY KIDS 3D Maze Globe Ball Puzzle Toy
In stock
Article number: 8481649900
  • ✔ CHALLENGING AND EDUCATIONAL FUN: Challenge your child with the Discovery Kids Maze Globe! The globe is designed to encourage problem solving and patience. Its creative three-dimensional design features twisting rails, routes, and tunnels with no one path to the finish line!
  • ✔ 80 OBSTACLES TO SOLVE: There’s no shortcut to solving this puzzle! With 80 different obstacles, children will have to use skill and determination to navigate through each puzzling turn! The 3D design adds a whole new depth to maze and puzzle solving!
  • ✔ PLAY DIFFERENT LEVELS AND ROUTES: There’s more than one way to solve this puzzle! The unique design encourages your child to continue discovering new ways to reach the finish, even after they’ve solved it the first time! Finding each new route will provide hours of entertainment and learning!
  • ✔ ENCOURAGES BRAIN DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDREN: Children learn best by hands-on experience—doing instead of passively watching. That’s why this interactive toy teaches problem solving and helps brain development more effectively than electronic tablets and screens!
  • ✔ NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: Built to be completely manual, the Discovery Kids Maze Globe doesn’t require any batteries! It’s super portable, so take it on the road for on-the-go fun!


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